How to start my own home cleaning business

Category: Business

House cleaning businesses provide cleaning services to residents with houses and apartments of different sizes. Some even expand and offer clean offices. This is a service that a person can start with a minimum initial investment since it is possible to start with the basic cleaning supplies that many people own or can buy without spending a lot of money. The most expensive of the initial expenses is often related to the commercial license, obtaining insurance and marketing your business to potential customers.

  1. Make a list of the services you will provide through your house cleaning service. For example, you can provide basic services such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting surfaces. However, you can also decide to include laundry and window cleaning as added services.
  2. Get experience cleaning houses. Apart from cleaning your own home, potential customers may want to know that you have experience cleaning other people’s homes. You can work as a temporary assistant in an established cleaning service or clean the homes of some of your family members and friends to earn referrals.
  3. Prepare a business plan for your cleaning business. List your plans to start the business, find customers and expand later.
  4. Get a commercial license for your home cleaning business. You can ask about the license in the organization that handles the licenses and business registers in your city or town. For example, you can request a license from your city’s licensing and inspection department.
  5. Choose an attractive name for your home cleaning business and register it at the business registration department or at a similar agency in your area. If you are going to use your full name as the name of your business, you do not need to register it.
  6. Obtain third party liability insurance. This will protect your assets in the event that your house cleaning business causes property damage or accidental injury to a customer’s home.
  7. Get insurance on bail at a local agency. This is a special insurance that protects your customers in case you or your employees steal, commit fraud or fail to do the cleaning job.
  8. Get supplies and equipment to clean houses. You will usually need a sturdy broom, a mop and a bucket. You will also need a supply of rags and sponges to clean and remove dust and an extension bar to remove dust in hard-to-reach areas. Buy also a selection of cleaners and disinfectants.
  9. Find customers for your home cleaning business. You can find customers by posting flyers on bulletin boards in supermarkets and libraries as well as at train stations. You can also place ads in local newspapers, buy an ad in a local phone book and create a website for your business. Word of mouth advertising is also useful.