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Limited society

The Private limited company, also known as LTD, is a type of Mercantile Society that is regulated in the Capital Companies Law and that is mainly characterized by limiting the liability of its partners to the capital contributed. In this way, the Limited Company constitutes an excellent way to protect the personal assets of its […]

De Facto Separation Meaning

The de facto separation it supposes the cessation of the coexistence of the spouses, before being able to process a legal separation or a divorce. Unlike the “right” separation, de facto separation does not imply following the procedures established as of Article 81 of the Civil Code nor is it legally recognized. However, it does […]

How to file a complaint against an abusive employer

Under federal law, employees can file different types of complaints against abusive employers. The type of complaint an employee must file depends on the specific violation or cause of action. In addition to filing complaints against employers based on federal laws, employees can file complaints at the same time with state agencies based on the […]

How much a lawyer earns in an average year


Society is governed by a set of complex laws and acting in the most efficient manner within the law often requires a thorough knowledge of how the law works. Lawyers are legal experts who represent and advise clients on a wide range of legal matters in defense of criminals in court to help business owners […]

Employee Rights in Texas

Several laws in Texas protect workers’ rights in relation to compensation, labor policies and occupational safety. The Texas Workforce Commission is a government agency responsible for ensuring that Texas employees have access to the resources they need to seek and maintain reasonable employment in companies that are flexible to state labor laws. Texas workers have […]

How much money does a defense lawyer earn a year?


How Much Money does a Criminal Lawyer Make Criminal lawyers specialize in either the prosecution or the defense. Prosecutors work for city, county, state or federal governments, while defense attorneys can work for governments, large law firms or on their own. Some defense attorneys earn high salaries from private clients, while others earn relatively modest […]