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What is USD

USD money The U.S. dollar is often abbreviated as “USD” in the world of currency trading, the official United States Currency. In a world of many different currencies and symbols, the simple acronym USD which means “US Dollar” is easy to understand by currency traders. The international currency market (or FOREX market) is the largest […]

How to Melt Bronze


What is Bronze The creative combination of zinc and copper creates the metal best known for its decorative nuance: bronze. Bronze, like aluminum, has a relatively low melting point compared to other metals, such as steel and gold. Due to its low melting point, however, it is more difficult to melt than gold because when […]

What is the net value of 1 gram of 14K gold


Gold! Worthy representative of wealth and means of refuge of value. Its chemical properties, durability, malleability, resistance, striking color and brightness made it one of the most precious chemical elements since ancient times. The pure gold is somewhat soft whether or flattens sheet and can quickly lose shape, so it is not very common to […]

How to buy bitcoins – Tutorial for beginners

Participating in something new can be fun and exciting. However, the new commitments also involve a lot of study, and the same thing happens to enter the world of digital currencies. When people think of buying bitcoin, they do not realize that it is not a complete unit, but that it is divisible and you […]

Tips to start trading in Forex

To start trading in Forex it is important to start from the basics; The exchange rate of a currency. This is the rate at which a given currency is exchanged for another quoted currency, that is, the exchange price. Something that of course you have to be very clear from the beginning is that in […]

Global Investment – Definition, what it is and concept

The Global investment is a strategy that consists of acquiring financial assets from several countries of the world. This, with the objective of diversifying the portfolio and distributing the risk among different markets. That is, this type of tactic allows the agent to invest in stocks, bonds and other instruments of various countries. Thus, it […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of investing in Mutual Funds

Because mutual funds are a financial instrument of great popularity and used by small savers, we will know what their advantages and disadvantages are. Financial markets have been prudent to generate, over the years, instruments that can be used by people with a reduced ability to save. In this way, people who never imagined participating […]

Bank Loan Risk

There are many risks associated with bank loans, for the bank and lenders. Detailed risk analysis requires understanding its meaning. Risk is the probability of certain results or the uncertainty about them, especially an existing negative threat attempting a monetary objective. The risk in bank loans can be: credit, non-payment on time or at all, […]

What is the importance of investing?

The importance of investing has been revealed mainly in today’s free-market society with a capitalist tendency, only those who bet on their future dare to play the part of their money by investing. The independent investment can bring great benefits considering that in most cases is not necessary to make an exaggerated expenditure of time […]

How much is the average commission of a stock broker

A stockbroker is one of the highest-paid jobs in the financial services industry. It has no limitation as to the amount of annual income except the sales capacity and the amount of work that the individual is willing to do. If you are a consumer, then the commission of the stockbroker can make the difference […]

Relations between the interest rate and the investment

The level of investment in the economy is sensitive to changes in the prevailing interest rate. In general, if interest rates are high, the investment decreases. On the contrary, if interest rates are low, the investment increases. This inverse correlation is key to understanding the relationship between the interest rate and investment. Money demand Individuals, […]

The definition of a portfolio risk

The investment portfolio risk is the possibility that one has of not achieving its objectives. There are a number of factors that contribute to this and as long as you are willing to minimize them, you will never be able to eliminate them completely. Systematic risk Systematic risk is a contributing factor to portfolio risk. […]

What causes an increase in interest rates on investments

The increase in interest rates has a series of direct and indirect effects on the different types of investment. In general, increase rates have a negative impact on long-term values, but they can have the opposite effect on short-term values. Rate changes do not directly affect the shares, but the economic impact of the increases […]

Examples of low risk investments

Low-risk investments are those that have very little chance that the money invested in them will be lost. They can be a very safe place to invest capital in times of market volatility. Examples of low-risk investments include certificates of deposit, savings accounts, US savings bonds and blue-chip stocks. High versus low risk Some types […]

The difference between stocks and bonds and mutual funds

For a new investor, all different finance terms can be confusing and daunting. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, rates, dividends, coupons … the list goes on and on. Some new investors rely on banks and shareholders to know the details and invest their money blindly; They are generally wrong. Other new investors take their time to […]

How to invest in the Stock Exchange without a broker?

Many investors believe they must work with stockbrokers to realize their investment plans. The rise of online stock brokers, along with interactive educational tools, allows tech-savvy investors to bypass commissions for potential benefits. You can invest in the stock market without a broker with careful planning and sharp instinct Locate an online stock trading platform […]

Types of high-risk investment funds

Investment funds based on stocks, bonds, or both, have a certain degree of risk, which means that you can lose your money in any fund depending on what is happening in the market and how the investment funds respond to such events Funds that have only shares are more risky than those that combine stocks […]

How do hedge funds work?

Hedge funds A hedge fund is a type of investment that does not have a fixed structure and makes investments by the method or strategy with which it can to achieve the best returns. Hedge funds are a high-risk investment due to its sophisticated and infrequent business practices. Hedge funds can invest in options or derivatives, resort […]

What are good high yield investments?

Historically, the stock market has been the best place for individual investors looking for high returns for their money. Possible high returns involve higher risks, and as a result, investing in stocks is not a guarantee of stable returns. However, investing in solid, well-managed companies with stable results can generate average returns close to 10% […]

How to make money with smart investments

No matter how much or how little money you have to work, the sooner you start saving and investing, the richer you will be. The value of money is enormous and the value of the compound will allow your nest to grow over the years. Choosing your investments consistently and investing in them consistently is […]

Honest ways to double your capital

When you invest to be able to retire one day, send your children to college or even buy a dream home for a long time, it is important to ask some relevant questions, such as how long it will take you to double your investment and how long it will last until you can liquidate […]

Places to invest your money

The first time you start looking for investments, you often hear the phrase: “Make your money work for you.” This old financial saying refers to the fact that successful investments increase in value, earning a lot of money the way you earn a salary. There are many different types of investments, each of which is […]

How to convert pesos to dollars

We will try to elucidate how is the most practical way of how to convert pesos to dollars. Since several Latin American countries designate their currency in pesos. Four of these nations are Mexico, the Philippines, Chile and Colombia. The dollar, on the other hand, is the legal tender in Hong Kong, the United States, […]

How to count money

Money moves the social interactions of the modern world. With the invention of paper money, people are able to carry large amounts of cash to buy what they need. Carrying cash requires you to count before you spend it to make sure you are delivering the correct amount. It is important to be able to count money quickly […]

Guide to invest in Crowdlending

After the global financial crisis that erupted in 2008, the profitability of many financial assets has not stopped falling. In efforts to stimulate the economy, central banks have pushed interest rates to historic lows. Inevitably, this has greatly affected the profitability of many financial assets. In this sense, investing in crowdlending has become a great […]

How to weigh gold

If you want to weigh gold, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This is because gold in the form of coins, bars, or jewellery is almost never 100% pure. A piece of pure gold is soft and easily damaged, so it is combined with other metals to make it hard and durable. However, it […]

How to Melt Silver


Silver fusion. It is a natural process and once you get to know the fundamental principles of the melting points of metal. Commonly used by many jewelers due to its lower melting point, silver is a great place to start when learning to melt metal to make more complex jewelry designs, and graduate to more difficult welding techniques. The Art […]