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Difference between cost accounting and financial accounting


Companies mainly use two types of accounting: financial accounting and cost accounting. Both have a very high importance and are very useful in the management of a company. They present relevant differences between them that we are going to see below, separated in different aspects. We are going to see the differences between cost accounting […]

What Does Aflac Cover?


Aflac is an insurance which will cover the cost which is not covered by general insurance. It provides supplemental insurance which means the benefit is paid directly to the insurer when he is in hospital. It will pay the benefits in cash to the people insured by the company. The benefit of this insurance is […]

What is a Financial Analysis

The financial analysis seeks to obtain some measures and relationships that facilitate decision making certain tools and techniques for several purposes, among which we can mention the following: Get a preliminary idea about the existence and availability of resources to invest them in a given project. It helps us to get an idea of ​​the […]

5 technological tools that every accountant should have

If we can be sure of something, the tax and accounting procedures always change. Since the use of electronic invoicing or digital payroll was approved, companies have been forced to adopt technologies that allow accountants to be more effective in their daily work. Given this scenario, it becomes necessary for companies and independent professionals to […]

Audit – Definition, what it is and concept

In the economic field, auditing involves evaluating and measuring in depth the characteristics of an organization in order to show its weaknesses and strengths taking into account a number of factors, such as efficiency and profitability. Audit means the action of analyzing in an exhaustive and detailed way different characteristics of a business or a […]

Financial capital (what is it, characteristics and elements)

The financial capital is the total amount of assets a company has, first subtracting liabilities to assets, and the resulting figure is the heritage obtained. Keep in mind that financial capital is the amount of money invested in various financial entities and not in production processes. The money previously invested in financial institutions would be […]

Operational audit – Definition, what it is and concept

The operational audit is that focused on thoroughly evaluating the use of the resources that an organization has and if it efficiently and in a quality way achieves its set objectives. Through the performance of an operational audit companies and institutions of all kinds have the possibility to study whether they work in a manner […]

Financial expenses (What are, Types and Importance)

The financial expenses are those that are produced by third party financing agents or by charging various services for certain corporate finance activities such as the production of this. Companies or people with businesses use this tool regularly to start up their commercial or productive activities. The financial expenses are being resources or money from […]

Financial Intermediaries (What are, Types and Functions)

The financial intermediaries are specialized institutions that bridge in financial operations. As the name implies, its main function is to be intermediaries between two parts of the market, those who wish to save their funds and invest them, and those who wish to apply for a loan. They usually raise funds in the short term […]

Overview of Corporate Finance


Introduction The corporate finance are those who study the decisions to be taken within a company and how are you affect the financial situation of it. What corporate finance seeks is to increase the value and sustainability of the company, increasing its capital and growing with the decisions made. This study focuses on finding financial […]

Agio – Definition, what it is and concept

Agio is defined as a benefit, commission or profitability obtained with the exchange of currency or the discount of means of payment such as I will pay. In relation to the stock market is the difference between the parity and market value of a security. The word agio actually has several definitions. We have focused […]

What is a usufruct? Definition and examples

What is the usufruct? The usufruct is the real right of enjoyment or enjoyment of a good that does not belong to us, that is, of an alien thing. This translates in legal terms to the possession of the thing, but not to its property. In conclusion, the usufruct is the right to use and […]

Treasurer – Definition, what it is and concept

A treasurer is a corporate position whose main task is the management of monetary funds (money) of an institution and related economic movements. In this way, anyone who is responsible for keeping the accounts of a business, association, club members or similar, is a treasurer. It is perhaps one of the positions of greater responsibility, […]

What is taxable interest

Taxable interest refers to those income associated with an interest charge from positive economic and financial activities for the company. This implies two things, on the one hand, that the interests credited in favour in the accounting books are subject to subsequent taxes. This means that they do not represent a net profit until after […]

Remittance – Definition, what it is and concept

A remittance in general can be defined as sending money in cash, checks or transfers from one country to another. Also a consignment can be understood as an international transfer of money, because it is sent from one person to another, it is international because to be a remittance the destiny of money must be […]

What is Unmarked Bill or Money


What is Unmarked Money The paper currency which consists of small-denomination banknotes that are ‘non-sequential’ – or ‘random serial numbers’ which can’t be resurfaced in the investigation. In the movies of bank robberies, it is often heard that criminals ask for Unmarked Money or Unmarked Bills. They do it so that the stolen money does […]

Average cost of a cubic yard of concrete


Any construction work that involves emptying or foundation with concrete must be planned or calculated very well. In other words, the volume of concrete that is fair and necessary for the work must be determined. Errors in the calculation of the volume of concrete, entail high costs and loss of time and resources. On the […]

Credit Derivatives


Credit derivatives are bilateral contracts that transfer credit risk between two counterparties. It is basically insurance against the non-payment of a credit (a bond for example), where the protection buyer pays a premium to the seller in exchange for receiving a payment in case of non-payment of that credit. The figure of the “protection buyer” […]

Investment fund


An investment fund or mutual fund is a collective investment institutions (CII) that collects money in the form of contributions to invest jointly. An investment fund, by joining as a single entity, pursues a very simple objective: to achieve a higher return than to invest separately. It should be mentioned that it is generally intended […]