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Staff – Definition, what it is and concept

The staff is a group of people who form a fully defined team in a business to carry out specific procedures such as advice, offer information, or focus on a specific study. A staff can carry out multiple functions. It all depends on the guidelines that have been previously ordered to be implemented by the […]

Cash Flow (elements, utility, importance)

The flow cash or cash flow is the amount of money moving in and out of a business. That is to say, it is the detailed presentation of the different cash flows and cash flows that a company can have in a given period of time. It is the ability of the organization to generate […]

7 Project management methodologies you should know

What is the best way to manage a business project? If you have to lead work teams and projects, it is very easy for you to often ask yourself that question. A good leader must know the best project management methods to apply the most appropriate, so let’s discover the most interesting project management methodologies. […]

How to calculate work absenteeism?

The work absenteeism have negative consequences for a company that not only has a productive impact, but also supposes economic losses. This term refers to those cases in which the absence of an employee from his job occurs during the hours corresponding to his working day. There are different circumstances whereby a worker may be […]

The role of the human resources manager in organizations

It is the person in the organization that carries many important work activities. Human resources managers and professionals have the important task of organizing people so that they can effectively develop these activities. This requires that people be considered as human goods, not as organizational costs. Seeing people as assets is part of the contemporary […]

Anti-dumping – Definition, what it is and concept

Anti-dumping is a commercial policy that prevents companies from dumping in the domestic market. Anti-dumping is a commercial policy used by States. This, in order to prevent foreign products from being sold in the local market at a lower price than the manufacturing cost. Avoiding thus, a damage to the local industry by unfair competition. […]

Compliance audit – Definition, what it is and concept

A compliance audit is that audit modality in which it is thoroughly verified that a company or institution complies with the regulations and legislation corresponding to its sector, environment or territory. Through the performance of a compliance audit, many companies of all types have a good practice control and security tool. This type focuses on […]

Global Strategy (Definition and advantages)

A business strategy seeks to establish an action plan for the development of a competitive advantage of the company with which it can achieve growth and expansion in the market, also causing the reduction of its competition. Regarding the term Global, it refers to the commercial activities that the company deploys externally in a country […]

Product Portfolio (definition and characteristics)

The preference of companies in the market today, is to offer a multitude of products, thus raising their productive efficiency and diversifying risks. Many companies manage their marketing through product portfolios , the elements that make up the company’s portfolios are known as business units. For any company it is important to handle in detail […]

Strategy Leadership in Costs

Faced with a global economy like the current one, with so much competition, companies are looking for a competitive advantage, which is generally based on cost leadership, which allows the company to offer products or services at the lowest market cost. The challenge of the cost leadership strategy is to obtain a convenient benefit for […]

Advertising strategy – Concept and Definition

Advertising is an essential element in any business or organizations, so it represents an element that must be present within the strategic and investment plans that the company undertakes. Direct communication with the consumer market is established with it, it tells you what the company does, how it does it and where it finds it, […]

Functional Areas of a Business and its functions: automate them

All areas of a Business and their functions can benefit from the incorporation of automation technologies. Making this decision is necessary to increase agility, reduce costs, improve productivity, reduce delays, minimize errors and improve customer satisfaction. Automation of the different areas of a Business and its functions An automation strategy allows to systematically apply the […]

Public Limited Company

The public limited company it is a form of organization in which social capital is mostly in the hands of workers who provide paid services in them. It is assumed that these partners work for the company under an indefinite contract. If you are thinking of this legal form for your business, you need to […]

Intrapreneur: Profile that the Business Needs

The intrapreneur try to keep the company afloat with innovation. Its pioneering attitude within the organization guarantees the subsistence of the business and is a source of competitive advantage in itself. To understand the role of the intrapreneur, it is necessary to know well what intrapreneurship is and what it achieves. What is intrapreneurship? Intrapreneurship […]

Treasury plan: Elaboration and Function

Will your business have the necessary liquidity? You can answer this question when making a treasury plan. Such a focused planning allows the entrepreneur to improve his ability to deal with obligations and unforeseen events. With this, financial and accounting management are optimized, while preventing legal or bad image problems, such as those that could […]

Creating A Business Purpose Statement

Each business has a purpose and many entrepreneurs analyze it while considering how to write the corporate purpose of a company. However, when moving from the approach to writing, doubts arise. There is a difference between the general notion of a purpose (often related to the definition of a brand and the way it attracts […]

Company training plan: High performance

The company’s training plan is one of the tools available to HR if you want to achieve a high-performance team. A human group is defined in this way in the work environment, when it consists of people focused on objectives, with experience and complementary skills and capable of collaborating, innovating and producing consistently superior results. […]

Bartering in the digital age: types and advantages

Bartering is a trend. This is a way to avoid the use of cash in the company, a business approach that more and more companies are starting to use. Also known as bartering, the bartering is “the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money.” Have you thought about this way of […]

Sustainable development – Definition, what it is and concept


Sustainable development is the ability to meet human needs in the present tense, without implying compromising the satisfaction of future needs. That is to say, the possibility that human activity does not deplete the natural resources, to the point where it puts human survival at risk in the future. Sustainable development requires taking into account […]

Insurance agent – Definition, what it is and concept


An insurance agent is a registered professional who, through an agency contract, mediates between the insured person who demands a service and the insurance company that offers it in order to reach an agreement between the two in exchange for a fee or commission. That is, this figure has as its main task to put […]

Aliquot – Definition, what it is and concept

In economics, An Aliquot is defined as that contained in another an exact number of times and is calculated as a percentage or proportion of a total. Therefore, we can say that it has a meaning equivalent to proportional. In addition, its applications are several, including law, taxation or statistics. For example, there are various […]

Domestic market – Definition, what it is and concept

The domestic market is that market which includes all transactions that occur within a country, except for those related to abroad, that is, the exports and imports. Therefore, a market is a mechanism that allows bidders and claimants to reach an agreement through a price. On the other hand, the domestic refers only to that […]

Details to grow your business

Making your business grow is not an easy task, then very simple but very important issues are addressed to achieve it, many times the question is in the details. It is always very important that the customer be served quickly, whether in a business selling products, services, etc. It is not enough that what is […]