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7 very frequent mistakes in worker’s payrolls

Failures to perform payroll involve many complications internally and may even involve legal problems. Therefore, it is important that the team responsible for managing this point within your company be up to date with current laws and regulations that affect your sector. In this way they will know the latest news and avoid not implementing […]

4 Keys to Human Resource Management

Personnel planning is the process of forecast the future requirements of the organization in this area and specify them in a human resources plan that helps determine how you can use the value that the company has to align with the needs that come. It could be said that this plan focuses on the basic […]

How to close a sale

Some experiences show the experience of a process in which there is a beginning and a closure. This final moment is definitive in different examples of the business world as a negotiation or a sale. Expectations before this closing of a sale They can be even higher depending on the volume of the order itself. […]

How to make a professional development plan

The desire to evolve at a professional level can move from theory to action through commitment to this goal of personal development. Faced with all the excuses that a person can repeat himself in his inner dialogue, and that lead him to stagnate in a certain situation, the initiative brings you closer to dreams that […]

Mexican Culture – Information, customs and characteristics

We explain what Mexican culture is, the elements that compose it, its traditions, customs and other characteristics. What is Mexican culture? Mexican culture it is the result of both the tradition indigenous as of the Spanish culture imposed by colonization. A little smaller (in comparison) was the contribution of the African culture brought by the […]

Brief digital marketing guide for 2020 publishers

The digital revolution has also reached the publishing sector, and it is increasingly common to exchange the paper book for the digital book. Publishers must adapt to the new times, leave static websites behind and bet on a digital marketing strategy that allows them to compete with other publishers, however great they may be. If […]

How many ounces are in a gallon

The gallon (symbol gal ) is a unit of volume that is used in Anglophone countries (especially the United States ) or influenced by them (such as Liberia, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Colombia ) to measure volumes of liquids, mainly gasoline and its price. Formerly, the volume of a gallon depended on what was measured, and where. However, in the nineteenth century two definitions of commonly used were: “gallon of wine” […]

6 techniques to manage workloads in a balanced way


One of the obligations of the head of any company is the equitable distribution of workload among all its employees. However, this cast is never easy and we can create some discomfort in the template. On the one hand, workers with a work overload that do not give enough; on the other hand, low-load employees […]

Performance Evaluation (What is it, Scope and Objectives)

The practice of the call performance evaluation It’s not new, from the moment the man delegate One job to another, that job began to be evaluated. For years, administrators focused on machine efficiency, as a central point to increase productivity, this theory failed to solve the obstacle of increasing the efficiency. From the beginning of […]

5 keys to correctly choose an ERP software

An ERP software can be a very beneficial tool for any company thanks to the implement it provides for its efficiency and the simplification it offers for the information, decisions and effectiveness linked to them. That is why we want to give you some examples in this article about how they can help you and what factors you […]

Yield Management

It is a pricing strategy, which are commonly used by hotel companies, airlines and other businesses in fields related to tourism, in order to generate maximum revenue from a perishable inventory. At the time of taking off the plane, it is better to have sold tickets for all seats, even at a lower price, than […]

Interim contract: advantages and disadvantages

The interim contract has advantages and disadvantages, both for the company that uses it and for the worker who, in this way, gets a position in the organization. In our country, temporary employment has reached exceptionally high levels, as shown by 27% of workers with contracts of this type in Spain. As published New Grandstand […]

Official development aid – Definition, what it is and concept


Official development assistance is the financial funds that developing countries receive in order to boost their growth and economic well-being. These funds come from international organizations, which they receive from developed countries. Developed countries generated a financial commitment in a binding desire, in which they agree that a percentage of their gross national product (GNP), […]

What is Tax Evasion?

The problem of tax evasion is as old as the taxes themselves. Its explanation and the determination of the mechanisms to reduce it are of vital importance for any country. So much so that in the economic literature there is already a sub-frame called the economics of tax compliance or non-compliance, although it has also […]

Indicator Management in a Software Testing Laboratory

This work was developed by the quality group of the Desoft Sancti Spíritus Computer Applications Company and as a result of the intense work of quality tests and reviews of software which have been developed in the last 2 years. The main objective of this research is to carry out an important analysis of the […]

How to be innovative

Have you ever wondered what creative people have in common and how to identify them? If you have a company, you would surely like to be able to identify people with innovation capacity and create something authentic to achieve business success, but there is very little research on what makes one person more creative than […]

What does existence mean

What is the existence? According to the Spanish Language Dictionary, the existence is the reality concrete and tangible of anything, in opposition, according to Western philosophical tradition, to its essence: its abstraction, its concept. In fact, the origin of the word itself seems to point in that direction, since it comes from Latin existentia, formed […]

Scheme: what it is, how it is done and types of schemes

What is a scheme? Scheme is a graphic representation of the association of ideas or concepts that are related to each other, and between those that establish hierarchy relationships. In a scheme there is usually a main idea that is associated with others of lower rank, but which are indispensable to understand what is being […]

What is a crossumer? The consumer of the new generation

From the moment we are born, a process of change and continuous learning begins. We never stop learning and changing our thoughts. This factor has been exponentially enhanced in full digital age. And one of its consequences has been the birth of a new generation consumer called Crossumer. What is a crossumer? Crossumers are the […]

Meaning of Sociocultural Theory (What is it, Concept and Definition)

What is Sociocultural Theory Sociocultural theory is a stream of psychology developed by Lev Vygotsky (Russia, 1896-1934), according to which learning and knowledge acquisition results from social interaction. In this sense, it can be said that sociocultural theory is a learning theory. According to Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, the cognitive development of individuals is directly related […]

Maslow’s pyramid How to discover your needs and motivations?

Maslow’s pyramid or the “hierarchy of needs” theory It has great popularity in the world of psychology and business management. Created by Abraham Maslow, it is responsible for describing the circumstances that are necessary for the psychological well-being of the individual. No matter what profession you exercise, Maslow’s theory can help you understand your needs […]

Framework: What it is, What it is for

What is a framework? Framework It is an adaptable structure consisting of a set of elements that allow executing projects of various kinds in a more organized and efficient way, especially in the area of ​​programming. Framework It is an English language term that is translated as “framework” or “working environment”. In the development of […]

Types of interview

An interview is a conversation or exchange of ideas between two parties (interviewer and interviewee) in order to obtain valuable information. Based on this, there are several types of interviews that can be classified according to the scope in which they are carried out or the way in which they are conducted. In all cases, […]

What are the chromatic colors?

What is the chromatic circle? A color circle is a tool in which the colors visible by the human eye are ordered. In this color wheel a range of colors interact according to their hierarchy (primary, secondary or tertiary colors) so it is used as a resource to make harmonic or contrasting color combinations. Traditional […]